Solar installation Singapore Guide

Solar installation Singapore Guide

Natural resources such as sun, wind, and water are abundantly present in nature. We have developed technology to use these resources for producing electricity. The electrical energy generated by coal increases pollution and carbon footprint. Solar energy is always available for us in abundant quantity. Solar panels can be used to convert this energy to electricity. Solar installation Singapore can be done in buildings and houses.

What are solar panels?

A solar panel is a combination of photo volcanic cells which are connected to generate electricity. They use sunlight and convert it into direct electricity.

How does a solar panel works?

The solar panels absorb light photons and produce an electric current between the silicon-boron layer of the cell. This internal current knocks off electrons and produces directional current. This whole process produces current directly for use.

How much does a solar panel cost?

Solar panels may cost some thousands to lakhs depending upon the area covered for energy production. The government provide subsidy for the people who want to install solar panel in their home and farms. solar installation singapore is quite common and used in green buildings.

Benefits of solar panel installation

  1. It reduces pollution and carbon dioxide emissions responsible for global warming.
  2. It reduces the dependence on coal for electricity production.
  3. It saves money as energy is generated with solar energy.
  4. It is a one-time investment. Energy can be produced for a long time once the panel system is enabled.


Solar panels should be used by more and more people to reduce energy dependence on none renewable sources of energy. For Solar installation Singapore, several companies can be found to install solar panels.

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